At Immigration Plus, we strongly believe that in order to maintain a society ruled by law, everyone must have access to legal/immigration representation and advice. A strong pro bono practice is at the centre of ensuring this fairness before the law, particularly with migration matters.

 Migrating to Australia should be a pleasant experience, as there is the excitement of a new life, a new start and a new career in Australia. However, circumstances occasionally arise that implore members of the legal and migration professions to come to the assistance of those in need, who would be otherwise unable to afford or obtain legal assistance with their immigration matters.
 It is cases such as this that reinforce the importance of pro bono practice, from both a moral and professional standpoint. For this reason, for years we have provided pro bono aid to migrants who have nowhere else to turn.
 If you have a need for immigration assistance which you cannot afford because of a disadvantage, please feel free to make an application with us for pro bono assistance by filling out the form on this page.
 We please ask you to consider the needs of others and only apply if you genuinely require pro bono assistance.