Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for training providers.

Consumers are entitled to lodge complaints to ASQA regarding a training provider. As ASQA is the national regulator, they must acknowledge receipt of this complaint and investigate the matter. Although sometimes ASQA decides not to take action, whether or not action is taken depends on the severity and potential impact of the circumstances.

Actions which ASQA may take include:

  • Writing to the Training Provider reminding them of their obligations’
  • Requiring the provider to correct its practices
  • Requiring the provider to take action in relation to past or current students to rectify consequences of non-compliant practices Suspend, cancel or place conditions on the training provider’s registration

Instead of taking the risk of suspension, cancellation or restriction upon your registration, we advise that you obtain extensive legal advice on how you might act upon notices of investigation. You may contact our experienced agents for more information.