The Department of Home Affairs has the power to impose a range of penalties and sanctions on sponsors that fail to meet their sponsor obligations. The penalties or sanctions that are imposed will depend on a number of factors, including the nature and severity of the non-compliance, and any mitigating factors such as any attempts made by the sponsor to rectify the non-compliance.

Penalties and sanctions for sponsors include:

  • Formal or informal warnings
  • Cancellation of a sponsorship approval
  • Being barred from being a sponsor for a specified period
  • Receiving an infringement notice (a fine)
  • Civil litigation (being taken to court)

If the Department of Home Affairs has imposed a penalty or sanction against your organisation, or if a court has made an order against your organisation, you may have the right to appeal the decision. There are different avenues of appeal, including:

Internal review (ie. asking the Department of Home Affairs to review their decision)
Merits review (ie. appealing to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal)
Judicial review (ie. appealing to a federal court)

Different avenues of appeal will be available depending on the types of sanctions or penalties imposed. There are also different time limitations for appealing a penalty, sanction or court order. It is important for you to have legal representation so that you are informed about your rights to appeal a decision against your organisation.

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