Caseload Update- How Is The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Tracking?

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal continues to exceed the Key Performance Indicator of finalising at least 75 per cent of applications within 12 months of lodgement, finalising 82 per cent in the first half of 2017-18.

The AAT received 29,537 lodgements in this period, 16 per cent higher than the same period in 2016-17. Most notably, lodgements in the Migration and Refugee Division (MRD) were up 51 per cent compared to the same six months in 2016-17, while there were 27 per cent fewer lodgements in the Social Security & Child Support Division (SSCSD).

Of the lodgements received in the first half of this financial year, 64 per cent were to the MRD, 23 per cent were to SSCSD and 13 per cent were to the six remaining divisions.

The AAT has finalised 19,602 applications in the first half of 2017-18, similar to the number in the same period in 2016-17.  23.5 per cent of applications were finalised by a decision to change the reviewable decision. This figure has been relatively steady over the last two years. Of the 130 ‘character related’ visa decisions made during this period, 19 per cent (31) were set aside. These decisions relate to visa refusals or cancellations.

The AAT’s on hand caseload has continued to grow, now at over 44,000 applications. The majority of cases on hand are less than 12 months old.

The number of active MRD cases from applicants in Sydney and Melbourne continued to increase dramatically, contributing to an increase of over 5,000 cases, or 18 per cent overall, during the period.

This article was sourced from : Administrative Appeals Tribunal on 22/03/2018

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