TSS Sponsorship Accreditation

Benefits of Sponsorship Accreditation
As part of the changes in March 2018, the Department has announced that Accredited Sponsors will receive:

  • Priority processing of visa and nomination applications
  • Streamlined processing of lower risk nominations (including potential auto-approval of streamlined nomination applications)
  • Processing times of 5 days or less[1]

Although processing times are unknown for the new to-be-released TSS visa, the processing times for its similar predecessor, Subclass 457 can be more than 11 months.[2] Therefore, the auto-approval and shorter processing times to be introduced for TSS accredited sponsorship is extremely beneficial; potentially allowing you to bring an overseas worker to work for your business within one (1) week.

Who can apply for Sponsorship Accreditation?

  • Commonwealth and State/Territory Government or Statutory Entities
  • Australian Trusted Traders
  • Low Risk Sponsor with low volume usage and high percentage of Australian workers
  • Low risk sponsor with high volume usage and medium percentage of Australian workers

Case Officers will be provided with new discretion to grant accredited sponsorship for partnerships and start up businesses (certain circumstances apply).

To find out more information on whether you could be eligible for TSS Sponsorship Accreditation, please contact our experienced migration agents now on +61756611431 or admin@immigrationplus.com.au

[1] Information obtained from TSS Roadshow Slide released by Department of Home Affairs, March 2018

[2] https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/access-accountability/service-standards/global-visa-citizenship-processing-times

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