No Direct Pathway To Permanent Residency

An announcement for plans to introduce a MANDATORY provisional visa prior to being granted permanent visas was first released through a discussion paper released on 31 July 2017. There was an SBS article reporting this here:

In January of this year, there were reports saying that this proposed plan may take effect in 2018. This means that prospective migrants will no longer be eligible for any subclasses offering a direct pathway to permanent residency. Instead, they will have to spend a certain period of time on a mandatory provisional visa before they can be eligible for permanent residency.

NB: Extract from ME Alliance Website (click on the image)

Under current laws, you may still lodge applications for permanent residency directly. In our experience, and from our current understanding of what has been announced, there is no intention to introduce a retrospective effect upon these laws. Therefore, you may apply for permanent residency and if, and when, the new laws apply, this will not affect your pending permanent residency application. However, we emphasise that time is of the essence with such applications as the Department has, in the past, made sudden announcements which leave us with very little time to react.

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